Speeding in Bushton

Speeding traffic has been a long term problem in Bushton, both along the C15 through the Withy Bed and the C120 road sections travelling north and south of the crossroads, and is considered to be caused by non-residents (chiefly commuters and commercial vehicles) transiting through the village.

The results of traffic surveys (metro-count) performed in 2013 (Withy Bed) and 2018 (Withy Bed and C15 south of crossroads) did not, sadly, achieve the 85 percentile speed of 46.1 mph (i.e. the speed at or below which 85% of the traffic is travelling).  This is the threshold required to allow next steps to be taken (for example:  a community speed watch, Police enforcement).

It’s unclear if the survey in 2010 achieved the 46.1 mph threshold – we’ve not yet been able to locate the actual summary report (no longer held by Wiltshire Council), and a 2011 email extract from Wiltshire Council is contradictory – seemingly due to a confusion over the values for the 85 percentile (46.3 mph) and that for the average speed in excess of the speed limit (43.3 mph).  Sadly it’s too late for this confusion to be challenged.   Copies of the 2018 summary reports are uploaded here for interest.   The report for “Withy Bed South of Wood St” equates to the road section covered in the new request “Bushton 1” towards the end of this page.



On 8 Oct 2021, the PC requested new metro-count surveys for the following road sections:   C15 Withy Bed, C120 travelling south from the crossroads towards Clyffe Pypard, C120 travelling north from the crossroads towards Tockenham.     Our stated preference is for the surveys to be performed at the same time.   Wiltshire Council traffic section have carried out the surveys (Jan 2022).   Copies of the 3 requests are uploaded here for interest.

Highways-improvement-form-rev-c_Clyffe Pypard 8Oct21_Bushton Withy Bed

Highways-improvement-form-rev-c_Clyffe Pypard 8Oct21_Bushton 1

Highways-improvement-form-rev-c_Clyffe Pypard 8Oct21_Bushton 2

Copies of the three reports can be found below