The Parish is looking for a Newsletter editor.  Creating the Newsletter only takes a couple of hours a month.  If you’d be interested please to get in touch with any member of the Parish Council.

Established over 20 years ago, the Community Newsletter covers news, views and events from within and around the neighbourhood. The community newsletter is an independent publication produced entirely by volunteers and distributed throughout the parish (and neighbouring villages) via email.

We rely solely on donations and advertising revenue to off-set the cost of printing a small number of paper copies (to households without internet access) as well as other community-related documents.

There are 11 editions produced each year which are released at the beginning of each month except December and January which is a combined publication. Advertising space is available for a small charge

Temporarily suspended


The most recent editor has now stopped producing the  Newsletter.  If you have any  skills in computering and a desire to take on this task please get in touch with Rosemary Greenway email address

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