For police, fire service, or ambulance call 999

Wiltshire Council:

Call 0300 456 0100 for help with:

  • Emergency adult and child social care
  • Emergency housing needs
  • Emergency highway faults
  • Environmental health emergency
  • Building control emergencies (dangerous structures)

Thames water   0800 316 9800

Electricity          0800 072 7282

Gas                       0800 111 999

Parish Council contact numbers:      07754 542722




In any medical emergency always call 999 first.  Located on the external front wall of the village hall.

Code to open box is C159X.   The code can also be obtained by dialling 999 (the postcode for the Village Hall is SN4 7PX).

More detailed guidance

The village defibrillator is in a locked yellow cabinet which is attached to the outside wall of the Village Hall, to the right of the entrance door. The box is locked and the code that unlocks it is C159X – following which turn the black handle anti-clockwise to open the cabinet door.  In the event of a mistake in entering the code, just start again with C (pressing C resets the locking mechanism).

Residents are encouraged to make a separate note of the code for ready access – whilst keeping it safe to safeguard the defibrillator from vandalism or theft.

The defibrillator is registered with the South Western Ambulance Service, however they will only advise callers to go to the one at the Village Hall and give you the code if you are within a certain distance of it. If you have forgotten the code someone would have to go to the Hall dial 999 again for SWA Service to tell you the code to unlock the box.

If you are able to administer CPR you should do so, and it is advisable to call someone else to go and fetch the defibrillator or phone.

Inside the cabinet the defibrillator is hanging on a hook.  A pack behind the defibrillator containing mouth guard, scissors, razor (to shave hairy chests) disposable gloves, is also available for use.

The defibrillator is straightforward to operate: just open it and follow the voice instructions.  Every time the defibrillator is opened it is a drain on the battery, so should only be used in an emergency.   If the defibrillator is used, it is essential that residents inform the parish council so the pads can be replaced.




Please keep a neighbourly eye on any vulnerable people in cold weather to make sure they are keeping warm and have food to eat.

All the roads connecting to and in the parish are minor ones and you must assume they will not be gritted in icy weather.   Whilst Wiltshire Council’s priority is to keep all major roads open, they do not have the resources to grit all minor roads all of the time – which is why parish roads are only sometimes gritted, and then only partially.

There are grit bins strategically placed around the village for use on the roads. The grit is not for private use. If they run empty in severe weather then the responsible parish councillor will contact the Wiltshire Council to request refill.



Please notify the parish council of any flooding issues.  Contact –



The village hall is available at any time.  For access ring the number posted on the front door.


November 2023