Wiltshire Council Planning Consultation Response
Officer’s Name: Lee Burman
Direct Line: 01249 706668
Application No: PL/2021/10674
Application Type: Lawful development: Existing use
Proposal: Use as a single dwelling house (C3)
Site Address: Goddard Arms, Clyffe Pypard, Swindon, SN4 7PY

Please note the particulars in connection with the above planning application are available to view and you can make comments via our website by clicking the link below


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I would welcome any comments that you have about this particular application by 15/12/2021. If I do not receive your observations and comments by this date I will assume you have none. If you require an extension of time please contact the Case Officer who will do their best to accommodate this.

Lee Burman

Case Officer




Application  Type:

Prior approval Part 3 Class Q: Agricultural buildings to dwellinghouses

Proposal: Prior Notification Under Class Q for a Proposed Change of use of Part of an
Agricultural Building to 2 No. Dwellinghouses (Use Class C3) and Associated
Building Operations
Site Address:
Bupton Farm Buildings, Hilmarton, Calne, SN11 8SZ

On behalf of:
Mr Jason Viveash and Miss Davinia Manners

Assigned Officer: Charmian Eyre-Walker
Direct Line: 01249 706667

Comments to be received by: 29 December 2021

Plans are available to view on our website at https://development.wiltshire.gov.uk/pr/s/planningapplication/a0i3z000016rOrX
Please be aware that supporting documentation for the application will be available to view
online within 24 hours.
Please note – you will not be receiving a paper copy of these plans, you will need to view
these on the website