2022 NOTE: the Neighbourhood Plan is currently not active, as of the 13th July 2022 the Neighbourhood Plan Sterring Group resigned, resignation letter attached below.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been focused on finalising the questionnaire to help complete the information gathering exercise with the intention of having this ready for distribution in early spring. However, the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to remain home to limit contact has led to a decision to delay circulation of the questionnaire. Work on the Neighbourhood Plan will continue, and the questionnaire will be circulated at a future time when the situation has stabilised and life has returned to something closer to normality.

Neighbourhood Plan – update 28 February 2021

Thank you to all those who have taken such an interest in the Neighbourhood Plan and for sharing your thoughts and questions surrounding the process and work that’s been done to date and next steps.

We are aware that some of you are anxious about some of the issues raised and how these will be handled.

Send us your questions, either by email using the following address clyffepypardpc@hotmail.com or by dropping in your written questions to the Village Hall post box or steering group members. Please let us know who is raising the questions.

All questions raised will now be reviewed and answered as part of the Committee meetings moving forward. Please do ensure that any new questions reach us ahead of our meetings.

The Neighbourhood Plan is all about enabling a shared vision of the parish, so thank you again for caring so much about this project, without you we cannot achieve this.

Your Neighbourhood Plan Committee


Please look out for more information on the Neighbourhood Plan in future newsletters, on the parish website and on Nextdoor (https://nextdoor.co.uk/).

The volunteer members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are: Chris Thompson, Ed Rudler, Gemma Greenway, Nick Kirton, Peter Gantlett, and Tony Currivan (Chair). You can contact the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group via the Parish Council –clyffepypardpc@hotmail.com