Neighbourhood Plans have been adopted for neighbouring parishes as well as all over the country.

The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is to:

  • Develop a shared vision for your neighbourhood.
  • Choose where new homes and other development should be built – if needed
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.

It also aims to record:

  • The strengths and positive features of your neighbourhood – things that people value and would like to keep.
  • The negative features of your neighbourhood – things that people don’t like and would like to get rid of or improve.

Those things that your neighbourhood doesn’t have which it would like.

The Community Plan and Housing Needs surveys provided very useful information about what people within the Parish felt about the Parish and what they wanted to see change, especially regarding housing provision. The Neighbourhood Plan uses some of this information but updates it. However, if approved, the Neighbourhood Plan differs because has a legal status in planning law. This means that any planning decisions required in the Parish have to take account of it.

The findings of this questionnaire will form the basis of a Neighbourhood Plan which will then be put to the vote in a Neighbourhood Referendum. If the majority agree, it will then become a legal document that must be considered by the Parish and Wiltshire Councils and the planning system when anything changes or is proposed to be built within the Parish.

It is not, but one of the key issues is around whether any new houses can be built in our Parish.

Because the Council Local Plan does not automatically permit new housing in our Parish (with a few limited exceptions), the Neighbourhood Plan, can influence whether any houses should be permitted, and if so, what type (rented or for sale), how many, where should they go and what should they look like.

Wiltshire County Council recently expressed an intention to build affordable houses on County owned land but this decision has been delayed.

Affordable housing is provided by a registered social housing provider such as Wiltshire Council or a Housing Association at rents below average rents of in the area. Therefore, it is not for sale on the open market. It must meet certain affordability criteria for those who can demonstrate a need to live in an area but cannot otherwise afford to. This could include rented homes or shared ownership for people who work here, live here or have family connections to the Parish.

Market housing is housing that is sold on the open market, usually through an estate agent, and is almost always privately owned.

Yes. Your responses will be kept confidential by the Steering Committee. One questionnaire will be issued to each household in our Parish. Each one is numbered so the Steering Committee can keep track of distribution and make sure that answers only come from people who live here.