The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group stood down in July 2022.

Their resignation letter is below:

Resignation of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Statement read out at July 2022 Parish Council meeting

Dear Chair, Clyffe Pypard Parish Council

As you know, there has been some friction between the Parish Council (PC) and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG), and we are sure that, without too much effort, we could continue in this vein for some considerable time to come. However, noting the following proposals to be discussed and voted upon at the forthcoming PC meeting on 13th July:

1) The proposed recognition of the NPSG members (past and present) in the PC meeting

2) The statement that we need to draw a line under the past and leave this in the past

3) The possibility of some ‘new faces’ on the NPSG

4) The proposed creation of a working party to formulate the way forward for the Neighbourhood Plan set against the desire of the parish residents to have one

it is clear that some members of the PC, though not necessarily all, wish to exclude the SG from any future decisions about the future of the NP. As a group we have discussed this and feel that in light of the above it is best that we all resign from the NPSG with immediate effect. We feel that this action will allow the PC the full freedom to decide the best way forward for the Neighbourhood Plan, and if a new NPSG were to be formed, then it would also have the latitude to decide the membership without needing to enter into any conflict with existing members.

As such, please accept this as the formal immediate resignation of all members of the existing Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

We would like it recorded that we all remain supporters for the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan as we feel it serves the best interests of the Parish.

Yours sincerely

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Our Steering Group will give an opportunity for you to focus on the future shape of our Parish. They exclusively deal with one particular issue and one goal, chiefly the Built Environment. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to people on the street or getting their hands dirty with hard work, so the committee is a great way for you to have a say in the part of Wiltshire where you have made your home.

What can a Neighbourhood Plan do?

  • influence planning permission decisions
  • Identify realistic community aspirations
  • Say what issues we care about e.g. speeding, affordable homes, biodiversity, light pollution, recreation areas or other things you may want to highlight
  • Earmark acceptable locations for possible development or protection
  • Help to protect the things we care about e.g. church, pub, rural environment, village hall

Where can I get more information?

Speak to a group member – we’d love to hear from you.

Look out for articles in the parish newsletter

Check out the parish website

Contact the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group via the Parish Council –

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG)

If you are interested in working in one of these committees, please send us a quick note via The Parish Clerk.