Remaining scheduled Parish Steward dates for 2024:

27 June
25 July
26 September
28 October
28 November
20 December
Please contact if you wish to request parish steward work.

For work required in Bushton/The Barton – Please contact Cllr Chris Rickett  on 07754 542722 or by email at

For work required in Clyffe Pypard please contact Cllr John Hughes by email at

Please report potholes and severe drain blockages  via Wiltshire Council’s MyWilts online reporting facility

The Parish Steward scheme delivers a special highway trained operative(s) to deliver small
scale discretionary local highway priority works to town and parishes. In essence if one man
and a van can undertake the work without mechanical assistance, it is within scope. If
mechanical assistance is required it is out of scope.
The Local Highways discretionary service is delivered by the Parish Steward Scheme.
Statutory and Safety works are undertaken through the MyWiltshire System.

1. The Parish Steward is a skilled highway operative, in a branded vehicle, who visits
parishes and towns to a schedule. This includes the Salisbury City Area.
2. The Parish Steward only undertakes work on the highway.
3. The Parish Steward scheme delivers the work without mechanical assistance.
4. The parish or town council has a nominated highway representative who decides the
local proprieties for the Parish Steward.
5. The identifying and issuing of works is undertaken by the parish or town council
representative. Preferably through the Priority Sheets issued. However this is not
essential and contact can be made direct with the Parish Steward by the parish/ town
6. The works identified by the highway representative are given priority for when the
parish steward visits. Hence requests for other identified works by the Parish
Steward are only undertaken if resources allow.
7. All the Local Highway discretionary services are delivered by the Parish Steward
8. The Parish Steward will feedback to the parish or town council as requested. If the
parish or town council wish the Parish Steward to phone before or after their visit (or
at both times) they will need to state this on the Priority Sheet to commence the
9. The Parish Steward Scheme is only for discretionary works. Any statutory work (pot
holes, damaged statutory signs, etc.) should be entered on to the MyWiltshire
System for Wiltshire Council to inspect and assess the appropriate response. As
leaving statutory or safety work to the next Parish Steward visit will slow the
response and could put the safety of highway users at risk.
10. The schedule of the Parish Steward visits is based upon the geographical size of the
parish or town.