Councillor’s letter of resignation

(Copy of letter addressed to the acting parish council clerk)


In view of Ayhan Dawood’s resignation today from the Parish Council and Chair of the Council, I feel I must also tender my resignation from the Parish Council.     Having witnessed at close quarters the number and regularity of unpleasant petty, hostile attacks Ayhan has had to field I’m not in the least surprised by his decision.   I do believe these attacks, overwhelmingly baseless, are part of an orchestrated campaign.   I do not believe this campaign will end with Ayhan’s departure, which will continue to sap time/energy for producing meaningful parish outcomes.   However, I’m unwilling to subject myself (and indirectly my family) to those who feel that being unpleasant and vindictive is an acceptable way of treating unpaid volunteers who are honestly giving of their best.

Having only known Ayhan since being co-elected in May, I’ve quickly come to respect him as an honest and decent human being that I’m proud to count a friend.   Ayhan was a reluctant Chair, having only accepted the role when no other candidates stepped forward – for which we were very fortunate.  The way this fine man has since been treated by some is a disgrace and reflects poorly on those individuals.

I appreciate my stepping down only increases the dilemma facing fellow councillors, but have reluctantly concluded that the running of the parish is a poisoned chalice from which few can sup without becoming bitter and twisted.


Yours sincerely

Tony Billington