Chairman’s letter of resignation


Dear Fellow Councillors

When I put my name forward to be elected to the Parish Council and as Chair,  I did so in the hope that I could offer my services as a long term resident and friend of this community.  I volunteered in good faith, believing that my contribution would prove an asset to the task of embracing the challenges that lie ahead.

Following our election, no-one volunteered to be the Chair, so I reluctantly did.

We have all lived through unprecedented and testing times these last couple of years and that has called for a degree of kindness and respect that, unfortunately, has been in very short supply from some.

I have to acknowledge the support and efforts of fellow Councillors and friends but am unwilling to continue with “firefighting” petty squabbles and hostile nitpicks that regularly land in my inbox.  It is exhausting and frankly impossible to get on with any meaningful or constructive business whilst this continues, which it clearly will.

It is with some sadness therefore,  that I feel obliged to tender my resignation from the Parish Council and the Chairmanship with immediate effect.

I wish you all the very best and will continue to support the community, as I have always done, away from the constraints and politics of Parish Council office.

Yours sincerely,

Ayhan Dawood