Wanted: Volunteer flood warden

The recent floods have highlighted the need for a flood warden in our parish.  The Parish Council resolved recently to appoint a flood warden to help coordinate efforts on behalf of the parish.  No volunteers have come forward.  Anyone in our community can volunteer to be a flood warden – there can be more than one if anyone is interested!

It is useful to know that there is further help and equipment available from Wiltshire Council to parishes with flood wardens.

The role of a flood warden is to be the main point of contact in times of flood and to help the parish to be well prepared.  Wiltshire Council and the Environment Agency Flood Resilience Team both provide support for this role.  Flood wardens provide a link between the local community, emergency services and Wiltshire Council.  They give real time information about flood conditions in the event of a flood.  There is a network of flood wardens across the region who support each other.   If you are interested in volunteering then please contact the parish Council on clerk@clyffepypardbushton.org.uk If you want to know more then have a look at “Wiltshire and Swindon Prepared” web site .

Next Parish Council Meeting. 18th Sept 2024

The next Clyffe Pypard Parish Council Meeting  will take place in the village hall on 18th September 2024 at 18.30.  For details:  Please contact the clerk (email only) at clerk@clyffepypardbushton.org.uk.


The Parish Council has published its audit reports and the dates for exercising public rights to inspect the accounting records.  These are 11 Jun-23 July 2024.  for more details please contact clerk@clyffepypardbushton.org.uk.

Clerk of the Parish Council Vacancy

Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer

Our small parish council has a position for a clerk.  If you have administrative experience and a willingness to learn – this could be you.  A CiLCA qualification would be useful but not essential as training can be arranged.  You will need to respect  confidentiality and be able to give impartial and independent advice to the council.

The successful applicant would be required to attend 4 public parish council meetings a year plus a limited number of extraordinary meetings.  These are normally held at the village hall in Bushton.  Other activity would be home based.

The ideal person will be confident and , most of all, independent.  As the ‘proper officer’ for the parish a small amount of financial management will be required therefore an eye for detail is also important.

Outline of tasks –  Preparing agendas, taking minutes of meetings, answering residents enquiries, ensuring the council financial affairs are in order,  updating the parish website.  The role also includes maintaining and updating parish council policies etc.

Skills – The successful applicant will be the advisor to the council on all matters relating to good procedure, must be an excellent communicator, not afraid to be assertive, and have good IT skills.

Discretion, impartiality and self confidence are key to being a successful clerk.

Hours – on average around 3 hours per week.

The salary for the post will be in accordance with the current National Joint Salary Scale LC1, salary points 7 to 12 and will be calculated pro-rata.

If you have an interest in local government and want to get involved in a part time, but very responsible role, then please do get in touch for more information.

Closing date 1st June 2024

Please email details of your experience, to clerk@clyffepypardbushton.org or call 07754 542722 for further information.


Councillor’s letter of resignation

(Copy of letter addressed to the acting parish council clerk)


In view of Ayhan Dawood’s resignation today from the Parish Council and Chair of the Council, I feel I must also tender my resignation from the Parish Council.     Having witnessed at close quarters the number and regularity of unpleasant petty, hostile attacks Ayhan has had to field I’m not in the least surprised by his decision.   I do believe these attacks, overwhelmingly baseless, are part of an orchestrated campaign.   I do not believe this campaign will end with Ayhan’s departure, which will continue to sap time/energy for producing meaningful parish outcomes.   However, I’m unwilling to subject myself (and indirectly my family) to those who feel that being unpleasant and vindictive is an acceptable way of treating unpaid volunteers who are honestly giving of their best.

Having only known Ayhan since being co-elected in May, I’ve quickly come to respect him as an honest and decent human being that I’m proud to count a friend.   Ayhan was a reluctant Chair, having only accepted the role when no other candidates stepped forward – for which we were very fortunate.  The way this fine man has since been treated by some is a disgrace and reflects poorly on those individuals.

I appreciate my stepping down only increases the dilemma facing fellow councillors, but have reluctantly concluded that the running of the parish is a poisoned chalice from which few can sup without becoming bitter and twisted.


Yours sincerely

Tony Billington

Chairman’s letter of resignation


Dear Fellow Councillors

When I put my name forward to be elected to the Parish Council and as Chair,  I did so in the hope that I could offer my services as a long term resident and friend of this community.  I volunteered in good faith, believing that my contribution would prove an asset to the task of embracing the challenges that lie ahead.

Following our election, no-one volunteered to be the Chair, so I reluctantly did.

We have all lived through unprecedented and testing times these last couple of years and that has called for a degree of kindness and respect that, unfortunately, has been in very short supply from some.

I have to acknowledge the support and efforts of fellow Councillors and friends but am unwilling to continue with “firefighting” petty squabbles and hostile nitpicks that regularly land in my inbox.  It is exhausting and frankly impossible to get on with any meaningful or constructive business whilst this continues, which it clearly will.

It is with some sadness therefore,  that I feel obliged to tender my resignation from the Parish Council and the Chairmanship with immediate effect.

I wish you all the very best and will continue to support the community, as I have always done, away from the constraints and politics of Parish Council office.

Yours sincerely,

Ayhan Dawood